NEW MUSIC: Valley Onda – Gold

Perpetually-rising alternative indie sensations Valley Onda have returned with their latest single ‘Gold’ – a mysterious, charismatic track tinged with psychedelia.

Somewhere in Sydney, alternative indie four-piece Valley Onda play this somewhat ominous track with its pervasive sense of cool. There is a palpable air of confidence in ‘Gold’ that many other new indie bands lack; the same confidence that is shared in their previous four singles, hence the band’s continuously increasing listener-base ever since their debut release last year.

Indeed, you may have heard ‘Automation’ or ‘Turtle’ by these guys – but ‘Goldis a new beast, a fairly haunting one that still maintains its infectious groove. Written introspectively, the track explores the journey one must take in order to break free of the shackling feeling of powerlessness. Singer and lyricist Jordan Wilson says that when ‘Gold’ was conceived, he had “built up all these walls and fake enemies in my head. ‘Gold’ was a cathartic realisation that if I start putting myself first, then naturally these walls will fade away.”

This theme is where the track’s intriguing dichotomy is rooted. The verses are threatening, with foreboding guitars looming over a drum beat that switches from ear to ear, as if walking through a ghost town, paranoid that the distant noises of disrepair mean you aren’t actually so alone (as a side note, I recommend listening to ‘Gold’ with headphones – the mixing and mastering by Valley Onda member Michiya is professional-level and intricate). It’s not long, though, before the track blooms into its choruses, with sparkling synths and brighter guitars, Jordan singing assuredly “I’m never going back to before.” ‘Gold’ is an introspective journey, heavily atmospheric, masterfully composed, and – as aforementioned – undeniably cool.

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