Lissy Taylor unveils sultry new pop-rock single ‘High’, taken from her forthcoming EP, Wildflowers.

British singer-songwriter Lissy Taylor has been hard at work this year having dropped two singles already; her debut, ‘Mayday‘ and it’s predecessor, ‘Wildflowers‘, both of which received praises from the likes of CLASH magazine and the BBC. Now Taylor is ready to unveil her newest, sultry, pop-rock single, ‘High’.

Written in Taylor’s characteristic Americana storytelling style, ‘High’ is the unmissable focus track from her forthcoming EP, Wildflowers. The song suggestively details the story of an intoxicating, hot-blooded love like no other. Taylor’s sexy, gravel-toned vocals lead the track’s introduction accompanied by the sounds of a gently strummed electric guitar, closely followed by the band’s percussion.

Creeping, gentle drums build at a steady, suspenseful pace reflecting the sexual tension that’s heavy in the air of the song. The beat leads the way as the percussion begins to build in intensity, making way for the crescendo of a chorus where Taylor’s vocals effortlessly command the impassioned refrain. Lissy Taylor’s incredible talent as both a vocalist and a songwriter shine through in ‘High’, her ability to tell a story with her words and set a scene with her voice is what is most captivating about her and her music.


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