Alex Frew reveals the music video to his latest teen pop hit ‘Antisocial Love Song’ ft. A is for Arrows.

Hot on the heels of the original track’s release, Alex Frew returns with the visual accompaniment to his latest teen, pop single, ‘Antisocial Love Song’, written alongside fellow budding musician, A is for Arrows.

The track is rather aptly named as it sees a young Alex Frew, who up until this point had been content in his solitude, ponder with the idea of attempting to find romantic love and companionship. ‘

“This song is very important to me. It took on a new meaning after this global pandemic occurred. It wears its pop music qualities on its sleeve, but it touches on the difficulty of being alone and finding connections with others – a feeling which has only been amplified by the world’s current situation. I can’t wait to release it.”

– Alex Frew.

‘Antisocial Love Song’ is truly a young millennial’s love song. In it, Alex Frew cleverly dissects the complex feelings often had in the strange space that many of today’s youth inhabit; a weird sort of hyper-connectedness that’s afforded by social media, simultaneously combined with constant & lingering feelings of loneliness which the video to ‘Antisocial Love Song’ captures this perfectly.

Scenes switch from wide, empty landscape shots to intimate, romantic close-ups of Frew and his female love interest. The contrasting shots artfully reflect Frew’s mental state as he contemplates the need to be alone whilst also wanting to be in love. ‘Antisocial Love Song’ is an anthem for all the self-confessed loners out there who can’t help but be hopeless romantics.





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