NEW MUSIC: Eva Snyder – Transparent

Hailing from Western Massachusetts, but now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Eva Snyder is a self-taught songstress breed her own brand of pop music. Flirty, sassy and filled with a badass attitude, Eva melds together elements of commercial pop with country. She released her debut EP Balance as part of her college thesis and is currently working on a second EP. In the meantime, Eva has released her catchy new single ‘Transparent’.



Penned while she was living in San Francisco, California, ‘Transparent’ is a shameless track exuding raw honesty with a heartfelt genuineness. Known for her “slap in the face” lyricism, the track is an unapologetic embodiment of her insecurities and anxiety. Instead of living in a bubble assuming everything is alright, Eva uses a “bare-bones” approach to lay out her emotions and personal thoughts.

“I originally wrote the song with the hook “I’m such a damn mess” and entitled the song ‘Damn Mess’. When I brought this to my producer, Reid Shippen, he loved it but asked why I was being so critical of myself with the hook. Upon reflection, I decided to remove the “damn mess” line and instead keep the line before it – “I’m fucking transparent” and rename the song ‘Transparent’. The song instantly felt like home in the best way possible.” – Eva Snyder on ‘Transparent’

Witty and insightful, Eva uses her charming vocals to build a strong narrative for young adults in contemporary society. The simplicity of Eva’s vocals over a basic guitar effectively exposes her character in a stripped-back way. Add some pop beats and you have an anthemic song for modern society. In my opinion, ‘Transparent’ is not only toe-tapping and endearing, but the braveness of the content invokes sentimentality and sincerity.

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