NEW MUSIC: Low Key Crush – Been Waiting

Australian duo Low Key Crush have released their fourth single ‘Been Waiting’ – a happily wistful, emotively touching, lo-fi lovestruck indie-pop track.

It’s that time of year again – universities are starting their terms, workplaces are gradually opening up again, and in some areas it seems that restrictions on social interaction may stay in place for a while longer. All of this means that many of us are, in some way, physically apart from our loved ones; a feeling of keen restlessness that ‘Been Waiting’ articulates better than any track I’ve heard this year. Low Key Crush describes singer and guitarist Tim’s lyrics as “impatience in love and literally waiting for the other person to get home.”

Tim and drummer Taycian have expertly crafted an indie-pop, lo-fi lovestruck (which I think should be the name of a genre) track that invokes affection and infatuation without being overbearing – sweet, but not at all sickly. Tinged with surf influence and soaring background harmonies, ‘Been Waiting’ sonically inspires as much as it does lyrically. Its clean indie guitar riff swells into a fuzzy garage-like refrain half way through the song, the drums matching with thumping fills and surrounding cymbal crashes – this short section fits perfectly, harnessing the crush-driven anticipation of the track into an outburst of love-driven energy.

This dynamic reminds me in particular of some Wolf Alice or Surf Curse songs; if you are a fan of either band, I guarantee you’ll love ‘Been Waiting’. Nevertheless, Low Key Crush’s ability to so successfully animate the particular emotion of wistful, keen impatience is quite unique, and sincerely remarkable.

‘Been Waiting’ is the first single of three more to be released this year – if you want to keep up with Low Key Crush, find them on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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