NEW MUSIC: Fat Trout Trailer Park – Wendigo

Like its namesake, ‘Wendigo’ – the new track from post-punk project Fat Trout Trailer Park – will leave you possessed (and a little bloodthirsty).

Somewhere in New York, Sean Raab (the mind and body of Fat Trout Trailer Park) plucks peacefully on his acoustic guitar – a gentle melody warmed by his tranquil vocal tone, featuring fuzzy harmonies reminiscent of Stu Mackenzie on one of King Gizzard’s sweeter tracks. All seems pleasant, until you’re caught off-guard by ‘I clean the blood / Dripping down my fingers’. Disconcerted, you look around for an exit – but before you can make the move to leave, the doors and windows lock, the amps start buzzing, and the drums start thumping. Whether it’s a Wendigo spirit or Sean’s own Mr. Hyde, you’re trapped in a room with him – and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Both sonically and lyrically, ‘Wendigo’ is a reflection on bipolarity. The serenity of the acoustic first minute explodes into the frenzied remainder, Sean’s finesse in songwriting shining in the track’s success at conveying this mental transformation. The influences for Fat Trout Trailer Park include Tame Impala and Death Grips – indeed, I think that alone can attest to the track’s dynamism. Neither Kevin Parker’s ethereal synths nor Zach Hill’s convulsive drumming would feel out of place on ‘Wendigo’ (which is a statement I never thought I’d make).

‘Wendigo’ is the third track from Fat Trout Trailer Park, and will appear on his forthcoming EP, released on 7th October. Just two days ago he dropped a fresh new track, ‘Salt’. If you want to find more from Fat Trout Trailer Park, take a look at his Instagram and Spotify.

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