Make it funky for me: CHARLES returns with ‘Easy’ from his debut EP

Rising UK talent CHARLES returns with his funk-fuelled debut EP, ‘On Trend, Hungry & Broke’. With four previous singles under his belt, the North Londoner now offers a collection of two new songs, two interludes and one already released single, ‘Sundance Kid’.

The EP’s second track is its lead single, ‘Easy’. A breakaway from the up-tempo musical moments we’ve witnessed so far,  ‘Easy’ sees CHARLES employ a more laid back and temperate approach, gently initiating the audience into his first complete project.

One area where CHARLES remains resolute is in his songwriting and subject matter. With a noticeable tendency towards writing about love and relationships, be they romantic or platonic, CHARLES has always been one to wear his heart on his musical sleeve and give love back to where he gets it.

With an EP dedicated to struggling through your terrible twenties, figuring it all out whilst being perpetually ‘On Trend, Hungry & Broke’, CHARLES still found it within himself to take a moment to thank the very two people who made it all possible.

“I wrote ‘Easy’ for my parents. I wanted to give them a song they could listen to and remind them to chill out. As I got older and experienced my own issues and the stresses of life, it gave me a better understanding of what my parents and most parents go through on a daily.

Raising 3 children, money issues, being an interracial couple when it wasn’t fashionable, and just frankly going through things that all adults go through. Life is hard and I wanted to give them a small bit of happiness when the world at times can feel like it has you cornered. Produced by Mathias Boman, ‘Easy’ will take you back to a time of old soul and have you looking forward to better days. ” – Charles.

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