NEW MUSIC: First Frontier – Take Cover

Based in South London, First Frontier is an English garage-rock band with a lot of attitude. Technically, the band was conceived in 2019, but it was an unconscious idea in 2016 when guitarist Paul Stafford met drummer Helena Poole – at least, that’s how I like to view it. Relatively newbies when it comes to releasing music, First Frontier is not necessarily the largest fish in the proverbial pond, but this has not dampened their spirits in any sense. Creating captivating and compelling music, the dynamic duo recently released their debut single ‘Take Cover’.



Influenced by acts from various genres, First Frontier fuses elements of alt-rock, indie-pop, post-punk, and even some metal to form their unique sound. Complementing Stafford’s prominent guitar with Poole’s pounding drums, ‘Take Cover’ is powerful and lively, but with a degree of wistfulness. Reminiscent of Joy Division and New Order, Stafford’s husky vocals emanate sentimentality and poignancy.

Touching on the issues of negative sociopolitical situations and how it affects individuals, ‘Take Order’ can seem melancholic, but it actually shares a hopeful message. According to the duo, “‘Take Cover’ is about avoiding burnout from the whirlwind of bad news and vitriol that can appear to be everywhere when you mainline 24-hour news feeds, social media and online forums (Brexit, Covid-19 and everything else).”

Overall, I truly enjoy ‘Take Cover’ from the first chord through to the end. What I find most intriguing is how the single seems soothing and comfortable, but still maintains a non-conforming awkwardness. It’s unique and disconcerting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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