NEW MUSIC: Opus Orange – The Lucky Ones

2020 got you feeling down? Opus Orange can help – ‘The Lucky Ones’ is a beautifully warming track that comforts and heartens like no other I’ve heard this year.

It’s no stretch to say that 2020 has seen its fair share of ‘lockdown dirges’ – but be relieved, this is not one of them! By contrast, ‘The Lucky Ones’ is sublimely reassuring – a track that embraces you in its pleasant guitar tones, dreamy vocal layers, and gently-driving beat. The lyrics reflect the solace of the instrumentation, exploring “the need for intimacy, isolation & silence in a chaotic world.” Serenely introspective, the track’s title and lines such as ‘you and I are made in silence’ reflect on the ability for you, and a loved one of your choosing, to find tranquility in each others’ company – despite the noise that cascades outside.

The head behind Opus Orange is esteemed TV and film composer Paul Bessenbacher, whose expertise in songwriting and arrangement is certainly not lost in ‘The Lucky Ones’. The intricacies of the track swirl into each other seamlessly like so many mellow colours, creating a four-minute quilt that wraps snugly around the listener. In the verses, the lengthening of the second vocal line into the next bar may prove jarring in a less-smooth composition, but in ‘The Lucky Ones’ this element of interest simply makes sense (maybe you’ll have to listen to believe me). That’s not to mention the final chorus, in which the track soars – distant synths match the blissful backing vocals by band-member Katie Hampton, drummer Matt Pool goes to work on his cymbals, while Bessenbacher continues his peaceful vocal hook.

‘The Lucky Ones’ is one of the best indie-pop tracks to come out this year, as well as one of the most appropriate for this year. You can watch the new music video for the track here.

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