NEW MUSIC: Free Country – Throw My Voice

If you are a fan of Elliot Smith and Pavement, then you’ll find some joy in Free Country. The solo musical project of New York-based Jason Ribadeneyra, Free Country is an indie-folk singer-songwriter. At least, I assume this is indie-folk – there are far too many genres and sub-genres nowadays. Seriously everyone, what happened to plain and simple ‘rock’, ‘folk’ and ‘pop’?

After the release of his well-received single ‘Narcan Summer’ – read our review here – Free Country presents the second single off his upcoming album The Life Of Riley. The follow-up to the emotional ‘Narcan Summer’, ‘Throw My Voice’ continues the concept of nostalgia and vulnerability. While ‘Narcan Summer’ is a direct reference to the death of his brother, this single teeters on the edges of unsettling experiences allowing light to filter in through the memories. I suppose one could say that despite the feelings of guilt, there is a realisation of hopefulness when exploring the omitted acts of kindness.


What is particularly intriguing about this single is the tempo and how it resonates with the lyrical content. Using an upbeat tempo, the track might be considered more light-hearted than it really is. Combining a steady guitar beat with effortless, throaty vocals, Ribadeneyra pulls out a catchy toe-tapping delight made for constant repetition on background music playlists. Yet, while the vocals are warm, bold and passionate, there is a sense of vulnerability defining the personal nature of the song.

Overall, I truly enjoy ‘Throw My Voice’ as another example of Ribadeneyra’s skill with an instrument and microphone. Touching vocals, calming guitar and experimental use of synths, Free Country is an eclectic artist who I plan on following very closely. His upcoming record The Life of Riley will be released on September 21st on Eyes Closed Label.

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