NEW MUSIC: Mojo JNR – Peach Out (feat. Ci Gofod)

Back with a dreamy bedroom pop track, Mojo JNR contemplates on unwarranted anxiety and holistic healing in ‘Peach Out’.

Two months ago, fellow Turtle Tempo writer Marnie sung the praises of Mojo JNR’s debut release ‘Miles Away’ – and now I’m here to repeat some history. Like its predecessor, ‘Peach Out’ is an elegant brew of mellow vocals and guitars, matched with introspective lyrics. This time, however, bright synth melodies and gentle hints of surf-rock mean Josh David-Read has created a state-of-the-art bedroom pop track.

Josh explains that ‘Peach Out’ contemplates on “how difficult it is to relax even when you are doing nothing,” – but, harking back to our review of ‘Miles Away’, don’t assume that this track is simply another lockdown dirge! On the contrary, ‘Peach Out’ is lighthearted and relaxing. Perhaps we might not expect a song about anxiety to be so, but Josh illustrates further that the track explores holistic healing methods; specifically, a crystal named peach aventurine, which “is meant to relieve stress and anxiety […] although it’s a process I’ve never fully understood.” 

Without any peach aventurine on hand at the moment, all I can vouch for is the calming influence of the song itself. As summer comes to a close, take one last movie-style sunset car ride or stroll through the suburbs while playing ‘Peach Out’. Listen to those backing vocals and harmonies (provided by Ci Gofod) glide in like the peach-headed man on the track’s artwork.

If you find yourself a little bit more relaxed than you were four minutes ago, you can continue your fruit-related journey with Mojo JNR’s brand new track (released today!) ‘Yeah, Mangos’.

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