NEW MUSIC: Sourface – Sweet Dreams Suburbia

After playing a spontaneous gig at a fake wedding in Derbyshire, four young university students grouped together to form the indie-rock band Sourface. Based in London, this Anglo-French foursome has a sound lying somewhere between The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers and The Steve Miller Band. Less than a year old, Sourface is already gaining a reputation for energetic performances and entertaining music.

In July 2020, Sourface released their debut single ‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’, as well as an accompanying music video. The group refers to the track as “a satirical view of suburbia deriving from a general sense of malaise and a longing to escape.” If you listen to the track, the poignancy and desperation are evident – a humdrum ennui that is far too relatable. However, the song is not tribute to the tedium of daily life using an upbeat melody and clever arrangement of amusing lyrics.



Inspired by English indie, Ludo Aslangul’s vocals have the typical tone and accent attributed to the iconic indie-rock bands like Blur or Oasis. The influence of French funk encircles that element with high-paced, toe-tapping instrumentation. What we find is an effortless combination of the two styles creating an eclectic melodic sound. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

What I am particularly impressed by is the arrangement of the instruments allowing each to have their moment but work well as a group. Matt Isles’ piano-playing skills are captivating, particularly near the end of the track increasing the speed and intensity of ‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’. Perhaps the only thing better than Matt’s keys is his whistling.

All in all, if I had to describe Sourface and ‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’ it would be geeky grooves.  Get your geek on and start vibing with this sweet band!

You can check out the accompanying video for ‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’ here.


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