NEW MUSIC: Leopold & His Fiction – It’s How I Feel (Free)

Austin rockers Leopold & His Fiction release raucous new single dealing with self-realisation, “It’s How I Feel (Free)”.

Leopold & His Fiction may have formed fifteen years ago, but their music is unfailingly modern, featuring new takes on the beloved-by-many genre of rock ‘n’ roll. Their unique blend of classic and blues rock sensibilities is most distinct in the band’s latest single “It’s How I Feel (Free)“, a song that challenges the idea of comfort zones and discusses the importance of self-realisation in terms of activism.

This bold new single brings with it an eccentric accompanying music video, wherein a moustachioed frontman performs in black and white with a band of puppets, later swapping the greyscale in for a golden statue-like sheen. Leopold & His Fiction offer some words in explanation of these themes; “Self-realisation, the importance of finding comfort in one’s own skin regardless of outside influence. The importance and availability to change. Taking your own opinions so seriously, and finding humour in the things that at times are endlessly frustrating and daunting. Puppets.” 

“It’s How I Feel (Free)” is fantastic fun, featuring extravagant guitar solos and passionate vocals from the ever-exuberant Daniel Leopold. This band proves that you don’t have to be freshly-formed to be insanely cool – if anything, Leopold & His Fiction’s years spent absorbing the industry around them have turned them into a household name waiting to happen, so be sure to catch on if you haven’t already.

If you love “It’s How I Feel (Free), we’re sure there’s more to come from this artist, so check out their social media on the links below…

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