An open letter with Dani Saldo as she drops her newest single ‘No Strings Attached.’

After her successful debut release with the synth layered – ‘Friends Don’t’, Dani Saldo has returned with another dance-pop, summer infused single – ‘No Strings Attached’.

Shedding light on the creational journey of ‘No Strings Attached’ Dani writes an open letter, which we are honoured to share here:

“Initially I wrote this song as more of a light-hearted joke, but it has since developed into a deeper meaning for me. I was in a relationship at the time when suddenly it ended. So, I found myself drinking with friends, dressing up, and just wanting everything to have 0 consequences. One morning, I woke up at my friend’s house in someone else’s clothes after a night of drinking and it almost felt like I was leaving a one-night stand which was super foreign to me. I also remembered we ate some mozzarella sticks that night, with the lil string cheese inside which is where I got the idea for “no strings attached”. It’s so weird but I used to hate cheese before my relationship and I found myself eating cheese and loving it, realizing how much I’d changed. Just having a real “what the fuck who am I” moment over string cheese. But, at that point I didn’t really understand casual relationships.

Cut to years later –after a string of bad relationships, I was left feeling like Meg from Hercules. So, I started dating casually to try and ease some of the pain and disconnection I was feeling, which worked for a bit. Having a relationship that had an expiry date and being okay with the purpose of it just to explore and fulfil a need for intimacy and companionship was nice, but I just wasn’t in a healthy place to do that. There’s something really lonely about the moment after all the chemicals wear off and you’re just like. “What the hell am I doing? Is this really who I’ve become?”

The song feels different and a lot more real to me now. I don’t think I’m the kind of person who’s built for NSA relationships, it works for some, but not me. I’m much more jaded, distrusting and even cynical now- and some days I don’t know if I like that. Sometimes, I’d much rather go back to the trusting person I was before my breakups. It’s hard and uncomfortable to realize that I’m not and won’t ever be that person again, but I am thankful for the wisdom I have gained and the lessons these experiences have taught me.”

One thing we love about Dani is her willingness to lean into her vulnerability and her open, relatable honesty. As well as the fact she writes banging pop tunes!

You can check out ‘NSA’ below or stream here.

“I want people to be able to both dance and cry to my music, because that’s something I personally
do (maybe a little too often). This one has a big fat drum fill before the chorus and a very empty almost sobering bridge. I wanted to reflect the moments when you know you’re running from a problem or hurt and you’re just drunk off your ass dancing and crying about your ex and contrast them with the uncomfortable “Who the fuck am I? Why am I doing this? What do I do without my ex?I miss them”. The way it’s produced kinda reminds me of when you go to the washroom or step out of a party. It’s a weirdly sobering moment amidst all the noise. But then you step back in to dance and get wasted and forget after.” – Dani Saldo

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