NEW MUSIC: La Palma – Infinite Bounce

Dream-pop duo La Palma unveil single “Infinite Bounce”, a track for the times.

La Palma are Tim Gibbon and Chris Walker, two musicians and producers based three thousand miles away from one another, in Philadelphia and San Francisco respectively. Brilliantly innovative in their methods of songwriting, the two chaps passed various files back and forth in order to create their latest single “Infinite Bounce”, a psychedelic dream-pop song for the times based on the search for resilience in quarantine.

“Infinite Bounce” really does bounce in most ways imaginable. The switching of sounds within the song from psych-pop to indie-folk is prosodic in its way, and the rhythms hop, skip and rebound against one another like reflections in fun-house mirrors. Cell phone recordings feature where microphones have not been available, yet you might never guess that the track was entirely produced from the comfort of Gibbon and Walker’s homes judging by the cleanliness of the sound, despite its organised chaos.

In a time that has been harsh on the microclimate of the music industry, La Palma are the poster children for resilience. Not only have they made the best of what is available to them – they’ve executed it with extraordinary innovation and authenticity. When La Palma reference resilience within their music, we are really learning from the best, and their audience is growing by the day. I encourage you to follow this fantastic duo on social media to keep up with their journey, as you ought not miss a beat.

Find La Palma on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

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  1. So sweet! ✨♾✨♾✨♾

  2. So much love!

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