NEW MUSIC: Mantis State – Lost Without A Trace

Leeds seven-piece band Mantis State release brand new single “Lost Without A Trace”.

Mantis State do things differently; for a start, they’ve got two saxophonists in their seven-piece lineup and as if that’s not enough, they all live together in the same house in Leeds. Pretty ideal when you’re avoiding Zoom writing sessions in lockdown – no excuses not to have a double album written by the end of the year then, eh chaps? Their new single “Lost Without A Trace” is heavy and funky all at once, the perfect example of each members’ eclectic influences.

“Lost Without A Trace” is a timely release given its subject matter. The band describe it as “mostly [focusing] on freedom of speech, and not feeling afraid to speak your mind”, a topic likely to resonate with anybody who has been keeping up with the news lately. Every line in this single is a hook, and every guitar riff is going to be stuck in your head for at least a week – there’s no denying the quality of this band’s songwriting, and seven minds to contribute ideas make the sound all the more unique. Mantis State pen Dirty Loops, Michael Jackson and Red Hot Chilli Peppers as their main influences for this track, elements of each heard throughout in the vocal rhythms and instrumental sections.

The seven-piece’s national appeal is probably somewhat to do with their authenticity. Mantis State admit to spending most of their time down the pub (a band after my own heart) and they possess a sound that just couldn’t be replicated elsewhere. Be sure to keep up with their news on social media – you won’t want to miss a live show from these guys once the venues open up again!

Find Mantis State on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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