Friday’s Finest – Ft. Tragic Sasha, Goan Dogs, Lomelda, Benedict

Alt-pop artist Tragic Sasha releases sensational new single ‘Shh’ with playful lyricism and fun, experimental synthesisers that compliment each other in perfect unison. Shall we keep this song a secret between us?

Speaking on the new song, the artist based in North-London reveals: “‘Shh’ is about knowing something that you shouldn’t and the way that keeping secrets takes a toll on you. I knew I wanted it to sound kind of sexy and intimate, like I was letting the listener in on something deeply personal. I had all of this in mind and got together with my friends (Scott Colcombe, Kaity Rae) – we pretty much had the whole thing down in one session.”

A music video for ‘Shh’ is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled and follow Tragic Sasha on all good social media platforms – @tragicsasha

Xander from Indie Central Music’s pick:

Bristolian quintet Goan Dogs took an extended hiatus from the music scene, return with single ‘Zombies’.

Converging eerie experimental synths with jangling guitar pop, ‘Zombies’ reminisces over happy recollections of one’s past.

Given the world’s current circumstances with the Global pandemic, it seems only fitting that this ambitious video is the next in line on the bands release radar.

Discussing the video, Goan Dogs tells us: “We all do the same things day in, day out. Stuck on a loop, like Zombies.

“The repetition and the early mornings, sharing small spaces with strangers and getting soaked in the rain.

“All for a job that you’re not quite sure is adding anything to the world.

“At least now the idea of going back to work gives us something to look forward to when lockdown ends.”

Laced with hypnotising melodies which layer neatly underneath frontman Luke’s hazy vocal harmonies, Goan Dogs have the ability to contort and sculpt an unconventional structure into an exquisite piece of indie-pop.

The five-piece’s debut album in on the horizon as Goan Dogs’ eerie new project perfectly captures our robotic ways through the world of animation.

Michael from Nexus Music Blog’s pick:

Hannah Read, better known as ‘Lomelda’ has delivered a heart-warming track in her latest release ‘It’s Infinite’. Although Lomelda is situated on the other side of the pond (albeit that huge pond, the Atlantic Ocean…) I am completely drawn in by the relaxed ramblings of the creative mind that comes to pass within the lyrics of the track. And the best bit is that I have taken away a meaning that is most probably completely different to what the intended message is. I’m sure that the message here would be applicable to chasing the idea of a dream. Whether that be a love interest, a career, a feeling, a hobby or anywhere in-between. And that’s what is so encapsulating, the idea that a track tailors to so many different aspects of a listeners perspective.

It may be the first time that we have heard of Hannah Read and Lomelda, but we are sure as hell hopeful that it will not be the last. And with the addition of an album titled ‘Hannah’ that is due to drop on the 4th of September, we will keep a watchful, waiting eye on what looks to be a most promising road ahead.

Fred from It’s All Indie’s pick:

Amsterdam is known for many things, which we shall not go into detail with, but as of late there’s been some fantastic music coming out of the Dutch capital. One of those artists shining a beacon is Benedict, which is the musical alter ego of Martijn Smits and it’s a refreshing listen right from the get go, showcasing what the Dutch singer-songwriter is all about.

“When We Were Young” is expansive and captivating from the off with some shimmering piano keys and pulsating synth keys welcoming you to his world. Benedict is known as a rather amazing vocalist and here on “When We Were Young” his vocals bounce perfectly off of the dark tone of the track.

The new song sounds like it could soundtrack an intro to a thriller movie, maybe set at night with streetlights passing a window, and with influences from The National, Tindersticks and Nick Cave there is no wonder where he get’s his sound and style from, it’s familiar yet fresh.

Benedicts storytelling on “When We Were Young” is beautiful, with the lyrics so detailed you can imagine your own music video in your head. The dreamy guitar tones that underline it gives the track a glimmer of what a ‘happy’ track may sound like!

His track was mentioned to me as a ‘banger’ and within this genre I’d say that, 100% as when the track is in it’s final third it explodes and sounds like a Radiohead song with the frantic and fast paced drums, expansive guitar tones laced in distortion and soothing licks of piano keys.

If there’s one thing Benedict knows what to do it’s that he can craft a song that will grab you and not let you go, winning your heart whichever way it pleases and leaves you wanting more, “When We Were Young” is one of those tracks. We URGE you to head on down and to give him four minutes of your life, you won’t regret it.

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