NEW MUSIC: Ghost Arcadia – Glory

London alternative rock band Ghost Arcadia release awestruck anthemic single “Glory”.

I listened to the first two bars of Ghost Arcadia’s single and got excited that it might be a My Chemical Romance “I’m Not Okay” cover – turns out it was actually “Glory”, but my inner emo kid was equally as satiated by its pop-punk reminiscence. This London band have created a sound that can’t be pigeon-holed, with each of the four members bringing different influences to the table. Twenty One Pilots, White Lies, You Me At Six and The Killers are just some of the bands that Ghost Arcadia have followed over the years, so it’s no surprise that their appeal extends to rock fans of all ages.

Band member Rueben explains that “Glory” is inspired by “that person whose aura you can’t help but be swept up in, even if it’s just a few seconds of time. Someone who makes time fly for you, whether that be a lover, friend, or relative”. The huge guitars and distant background vocals add an aptly uplifting essence to Ghost Arcadia’s heavy sound, and the lyrics paint a clear picture of an awestruck protagonist searching for a meaningful relationship.

The band have worked fast to put an EP on the table in 2020, with the motivation of booking gigs across the UK as soon as lockdown eases. You would really want to be in the middle of a mosh pit for “Glory” especially; “I wanted it to be able to transcend people’s expectations of what a love song could be. It needed to be ‘anthemic’ but still rooted in a catchy melodic rock groove,” Reuben explains. “Something you could blast out of your car stereo or dance senselessly around your room to. A real crowd-pleaser”.

It might take you all the way back to 2009’s heavy side-fringes and checkered Vans, but Ghost Arcadia have also written modernity into their new music. Forward-thinking and nostalgic all at once, be sure to follow these guys on social media to keep up with their news…

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