NEW MUSIC: Esteban – Suburban Paradise

When you listen to hundreds of singles and albums per week, it can all meld into a mishmash of melodies. From death metal and emo to rap and afrobeat, the songs keep coming and you long for silence at the end of the day. However, every now and then a track makes its way across my virtual desk to stomp about in my ears and I can’t stop listening. In fact, I don’t want to stop listening. Esteban’s ‘Suburban Paradise’ is one of these songs.



Hailing from Derby, this pop-rock foursome released their debut EP Santiago EP in 2008 receiving positive feedback from various publications. According to BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, “there’s no-one like them out there” and I am sure he still holds that view – don’t quote me, though.

After smashing onto the scene, releasing some critically acclaimed tracks, making over 315 appearances throughout the UK, and having their single ‘She’s Just A Girl’ used in a global campaign for NGO Plan UK, Esteban decided to call it quits. So much success in such a little space of time left the guys feeling exhausted and the group ended everything in 2010…or did they?

Almost a decade since their last release, Stephen Wright (vocals), Liam Ryan (guitar), Ricky Houghton (bass) and Samuel Cox (drums) are back with the funk-inspired ‘Suburban Paradise’.  Retaining their fusion of pop, rock and funk, the lads seamlessly merge well-placed instrumentation with Wright’s effortless vocals. Of course, it is not just Wright rocking the house – a commanding guitar picking complemented by steady bass and drums makes the song upbeat. While the track is lively and passionate, Esteban has found the balance between laidback and energetic.

So, what can I really say about ‘Suburban Paradise’? Basically, it is paradise and a magnificent return from the ashes for Esteban.



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