NEW MUSIC: SWiiMS – Fill Me Up

Toronto alternative indie-rock four-piece SWiiMS release debut single “Fill Me Up” from their forthcoming EP Through Waves.

Mai Diaz Langou (vocals and guitar), Colin Thompson (guitarist), Ken Hume (drums) and Cian O’Ruanaidh (bass) make up the alternative rock four-piece Swiims, each bringing their own influences to the table. SWiiMS’ genre is therefore difficult to pin down, so I have taken the liberty of assisting them in naming it: ‘Newbritdreamgaze’? Or, perhaps we just stick to ‘a wonderful mixture of Brit Rock, New Wave, Dream Pop and Shoegaze’. That’ll do.

“Fill Me Up” is going to make you miss the 90s, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s retro in its way, but also timeless and authentic. The band keep it contemporary with Mai’s effortlessly cool lyricism and languid vocals at the helm, and they draw on each other’s collective years of experience to form a tight and smooth signature sound.

This track would make a great addition to any slow Summer’s afternoon playlist with guitars and vocals that drift overhead the grounded rhythm section like floccose clouds. In fact, catch me in the garden this evening, sunbathing on a beach towel with a gin in hand and SWiiMS on repeat. It’s Friday somewhere, right?

SWiiMS are set to release an EP in the new future – Through Waves – if “Fill Me Up” is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss a thing. Be sure to catch all the bands latest updates on the links below.

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