NEW MUSIC: Justin Capps and The Cavaliers – 25 Years Of Rain

While both being English-speaking nations, the US and the UK have a plethora of differences. The spelling of words is different, grammar is different, ‘biscuits’ are ‘cookies’, tea is not the hot drink of choice in the US and, most importantly, ‘football’ is ‘soccer’. While they have their issues and disagreements, when the US combine their forces with the UK it is truly spectacular. As is the case with Justin Capps and the Cavaliers.

Based on the South Coast of England, Brits Emily-Louise Walton (vocals/flute), Stuart Lovibond (guitar), Connor Wornham (bass) and Alix King (drums/percussion) team up with American Justin Capps (vocals/guitar) to produce a unique sound. A fusion of Americana, folk and pop, the band was named Portsmouth’s ‘Original Artist of the Year’ only a few months after their formation.

With a highly polished sound, it is difficult to believe that ’25 Years of Rain’ is only their second single succeeding ‘Here I Am’. A little more Americana than the folk-oriented ‘Here I Am’, ’25 Years of Rain’ is an upbeat duet between Emily and Justin looking at romantic relationships – or rather the longing for romance. In other words, they really, really fancy each other.



In many songs I come across, there is a need to wait a few moments for the song to pick up. In ’25 Years of Rain’, Justin Capps and the Cavaliers pull you in from the first second and do not let go until the end. Justin’s talent shines through with his warm, melodious vocals combining well with the rustic instrumentation. Emily counters with her sweet-sounding tones creating a comfortable harmony within the track.

To end, I want to quote the lyrics of ’25 Years of Rain’. In the song, the band questions whether this is sunshine after 25 years of rain. If you take a listen to Justin Capps and the Cavaliers, you will definitely agree that the rainy days are gone.

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