NEW MUSIC: Quarry – Micro Plastic People

Performing under the moniker Quarry, Vittorio Tolomeo is an indie-pop singer-songwriter residing in London. Combining the traditional Britpop sounds with a harder rock edge, Quarry has been taking his unique brand of music across Europe. While Quarry is Vittorio’s solo project, he has had experiences with numerous bands in different genres. Notable pieces of work from this musical explorer include the album Prize Day released through Audio Fidelity, as well as the single ‘Aria’ which was the theme music for a popular Italian radio show. The latest addition to his long list of releases is ‘Micro Plastic People’.

Not one to flee from songs about world events, Quarry’s ‘Micro Plastic People’ explores the socio-environmental issue of microplastic particles in the food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe. In his promo video for ‘Micro Plastic People’, Quarry had people sending in snippets of themselves singing the chorus of the track. An amazingly effective visual expression of a rather serious dilemma.



But what about ‘Micro Plastic People’ from an auditory perspective? Displaying a natural inclination to eclectic music, Quarry uses a complex crafting of melody and lyrics to achieve a hypnotic single. The staccato and stilted repetition of ‘microplastic people’ during the chorus and introduction makes one sit up and start paying attention. Quarry’s distinctive voice blends well with the melody to find the balance between an upbeat, playful song to a sombre and meditative track.

An interesting work of art, ‘Micro Plastic People’ has far more going on than simply being a song. It is a masterpiece delving into the most frightening areas of reality while retaining an energetic and almost whimsical feeling.


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