NEW MUSIC: groan room – get off

Given their dynamic sound finding the grungey balance between guitars, drums and vocals, it’s hard to believe that groan room is only one year old. In fact, their self-titled debut EP was only released in March 2020. Hailing from Salford, the indie-grunge quartet are drawing on their inner Nirvana to produce songs like ‘get off’, ‘hope never came in the post’ and ‘little italy’ – yes, all lowercase letters. I want to speak about the first single off groan room – ‘get off’.



While all of their tracks carry a degree of sentiment and honesty, it is ‘get off’ that shows a juxtaposition between anger and calm. Melodically, the band achieve the steady pace of 90s Radiohead, but lyrically, the track is more abrasive and aggressive. Written about a person going through a tough time, ‘get off’ demonstrates a need to confront the issue head-on while keeping the things that make him wonderful in mind.

Fuzzy, complex and utterly unapologetic, groan room not only salutes the iconic bands of the 90s, such as Blur, Nirvana and Radiohead but places a twist on the grunge and Britpop foundations. Upbeat but desperate, ‘get off’ is an addictive track for the person who stares at the ceiling mouthing lyrics. In fact, it’s for anyone who has headphones and a chance to listen to something good. Watch your back, Thom Yorke, because groan room is on your tail.

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