Cardiff Garage Rock four-piece HIMALAYAS release new single “We Love To Hate”, a noisy anthem to kickstart your week.

Forget the morning coffee; one listen to HIMALAYAS’ new single “We Love To Hate” on this cloudy Monday is a fabulously impolite awakening enough to render my caffeine addiction null and void. HIMALAYAS have been shaking us back into consciousness with their furious and fast-paced approach to Garage Rock since 2017, in the space of three years catching the ears of Huw Stephens, Greg James and Clara Amfo (BBC Radio 1), Radio X, Virgin Radio and more than twenty-one million listeners worldwide. Twenty-one million!

This band’s success shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Their formation in Cardiff marked the beginning of HIMALAYAS’ own sub-genre, defined by heavy guitar lines, dual vocals and huge anthemic hooks – even those who don’t like their music loud ‘n’ shouty will recognise familiar elements of airplay-friendly pop sensibility within the songwriting. “We Love To Hate” is similarly accessible to those being inducted into the world of Garage Rock without teetering on the edge of cheesy post-hardcore. The band describe it as a ‘wild, unerring cyclone of sound’, yet clever lyricism and massive hooks lock the song down, underpinning the cyclone so that it may not fly off and destroy a few cities. Because that could happen with a sound this big.

HIMALAYAS describe “We Love To Hate” as a song about “projecting anger outwards towards undeserving targets rather than facing up to and addressing our own problems. It’s becoming easier and easier to pin it on the most popular scapegoats than to go to the root of the problem and try to fix it.” Emotionally intelligent and badass? I can’t believe our luck. Be sure to follow HIMALAYAS on their route to world domination…

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