In Conversation with The Winters

Characterised by their high energy music and melancholic lyrics, the Taunton-based group The Winters are sharing a new breed of pop-rock. We had a chance to chat with lead vocalist/guitarist Joe Beckhelling about their new single ‘Dream of Me’, discovering new music and future plans.

Why did you choose to enter the music industry?

I’ve known that I wanted to be a musician ever since I realised that becoming an astronaut was probably quite unlikely. I love making music and I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else with my life, which is a shame for my bank balance but totally worth it!

What can you tell us about your release ‘Dream of Me’?

‘Dream of Me’ is a song about hope and holding on and getting through the tough times – tomorrow will be better than today. Even though it was written quite a long time ago, releasing the song at a time like this feels very fitting.



What was the recording and writing process like?

It’s a song with quite a long history, actually. I wrote it several years ago and over its lifetime it’s grown and developed through various demo recordings and performances. I showed one of the demos to Matt and Sam when we first got together as a band and they really liked the track, so we ended up selecting it as one of the first songs to record together. The recording process went really smoothly and we’re super happy with the final product!

What do you hope people take from your music?

I always feel songs take on their own meaning for every individual that hears them. There have been times where I’ve heard a song or a lyric that has had an impact on me and I later learned that I’ve interpreted it completely differently to how the writer intended. I think there’s something amazing about that. I hope people find a lyric or an emotion in our music that they can relate to and that they need to hear or feel at the time.

Which is more challenging for you – melody or lyrics?

Great question! I think it depends on the song. If there’s a specific story to tell or message to communicate then the lyrics flow quite easily. If it’s more of a nuanced emotion that I’m trying to communicate, then the music can flow more freely.

Describe your music in three words.

High-energy yet melancholy (I hope hyphenated words count as one).

What do you think is the best way to discover new music?

There are tons of incredible bands out there who are making great music and would really appreciate people’s support. I’d definitely say get down to your local venues and see as many new artists as you can. I’m certain you’ll find some gems. After the lockdown ends, of course!

What does the future hold for The Winters?

We have new singles lined up for release throughout the rest of the year and into 2021. In fact, we’ve just launched the pre-save campaign for our next single ‘Just One Day’ which drops on June 25th.

What advice do you have for any person planning to become a musician?

Don’t give up or think it’s a silly dream – go for it! Don’t let the fear of failure stop you and, of course, keep practising!

Do you have any message for our readers?

We really love receiving messages from people who have heard our music and have enjoyed it. It would be amazing if you fancied checking out our tracks and if you like what you hear, then please get in touch on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!

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