Friday’s Finest – 12th June 2020

Friday’s Finest is here to distract you from the depressing gloomy world. With selections from ya boy Dan of Turtle Tempo, Alexander ‘The Great’ of IndieCentralMusic, Fred of It’s All Indie, and last but not least Michael of Nexus Music Blog.

Our pick: Harry Strange – It Will Be Alright (Demo)

In a fairly forgettable, blue year for many, one person you really shouldn’t be forgetting in any hurry is alt-pop artist Harry Strange, releasing his most upbeat track to date ‘It Will Be Alright’, a track which will make you feel relatively warm and fuzzy for a couple of minutes. The Bristol-based artist who sold out a 200 capacity show in London late last year really captures your attention with his crystal clear vocals and pleasant electro synths. You can’t help but stan Harry Strange, and we stan hard.

Fred from It’s All Indie’s pick: Voodoo Bandits – Yesterday’s Jam

Hailing from the island nestled in between Ireland and the UK – the Isle of Man – Voodoo Bandits have recently unveiled their punchy new single “Yesterday’s Jam”, which follows on from their previous single “Empty Swimming Pool”.

As I mentioned before, being based on the Isle of Man it’s a bit cut off from the rest of the British isles as far as a music scene goes, a bit like how the Isle of Wight is. But it sounds like they’re wanting to stamp their name in the island’s history by being one of the most exciting musical acts to break out of the island.
Their surf-pop sounds are everything we want and more, from the driving power chords to the sing-along ready vocals it sounds like the band are here to blow any cobwebs off your face and give you a smattering of sun-kissed indie-pop.

With their first track only being released back in 2019 the band have since released a total of four songs, and from what we can tell every release is getting them more attention and fans. With praise from our chums at ICM and Clash Magazine already in the bag, it can only mean a good thing for the upstarts.
If the band have have four stunning tunes out already imagine what an album’s worth of tunes would sound like! It really sounds like the outfit are making big strides and will no doubt being picked up by a label very soon, mark my words – you’re going to want to keep a close eye on Voodoo Bandits they’re ones for the future.

Michael from Nexus Music Blog’s Pick: PETSEMATARY – Get Away With It

I’ve heard PETSEMATARY’s name around before – they’ve played shows with Peaness and Ghum. They’re building a rising audience in the indiepop community, and judging by their new single ‘Get Away With It’, I can see why.
‘Get Away With It’ is a gorgeous slice of indie-pop. Its shimmering guitars and emotional vocal delivery tug at the heartstrings. The lyrics are about mental health and how it affects your friends and family. There’s a feeling of anguish in the chorus: “Get away, get away.” As someone who suffers from anxiety and mental health, this song means a lot to me and the emotional vocal delivery really brings out the raw feelings.
I am very excited about what PETSEMATARY are going to do in the future, because ‘Get Away With It’ is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. I think, especially with a lot of people in lockdown, it will resonate with them strongly.

Alex from Indie Central Music’s pick: Coach Party – Pet Food (EP)

Coach Party dropped their debut EP titled ‘Party Food’ this week as the Isle Of Wight quartet put their presence on the map.

Since the outfit signed with Chess Club Records the band re-grouped and stepped up their game. With the debut single ‘Oh Lola’ spruced up with infections riffs and grunge rock influence, Coach Party have reenergised their sound to be cleaner and lounder.

There’s Big Moon inspired ‘Bleach’ focusing on melody and sing-song choruses. It’s a rocking slice of summer sun and another example of great lyricism and deep meaning.

Emotional breakup song ‘Space’ takes the band a different direction that they’ve “”been wanting to go in for a while,” featuring anger in emotional torment you go through when putting your feelings on the line.

Other tracks on the six-part EP include; the buoyant ‘Red Jumper Boy’, soaring number ‘Puke’ and the spiralling ‘Breakdown’. It’s a shame you can’t see Coach Party live because it will be a sight you don’t want to miss.

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