NEW MUSIC: Annabelle’s Curse – New Glow

Eclectic, experimental and effortless – Annabelle’s Curse is a bewitching indie-folk band from Bristol (the one in Tennessee and not the UK). Founded in 2010, the talented sextet has released four full-length albums, toured extensively throughout the US, and supported artists like Anderson East, The Black Lillies and Birds of Chicago. Balancing tranquil vocals with steady instrumentation, including an upright bass and mandolin, Tim Kilbourne (vocals, banjo and guitar), Carly Booher (vocals and mandolin), Zack Edwards (guitar), Travis Goyette (percussion), Tyler Luttrell (bass) and Kirk Bagnall (auxiliary percussion) are building a steady following. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘New Glow’.

The first single to be released from their upcoming album Vast Oceans, ‘New Glow’ is a gentle expression of power struggles in relationships. Combining the serene vocals of Carly Booher and Tim Kilbourne with a diverse range of instruments, including a piano, this track is more hypnotic than their previous releases. Moving from the folkier sounds of Beyond The Station, Annabelle’s Curse infuses folk with indie and alt-pop undertones.



One of the more intriguing elements of ‘New Glow’ is the incorporation of a piano. While not a common instrument for Annabelle’s Curse, the dominant “plink-plonk” is an excellent addition to the typical percussion. Harmonising well, Booher’s Sinead O’Connor-esque timbre complements Kilbourne’s effortless tenor. Despite the seriousness of the lyrics, ‘New Glow’ remains a simple and captivating single that is easy to listen to regardless of your music preference.

You can find out more about Annabelle’s Curse on Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. 

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