NEW MUSIC: Tokyo Tea Room – Half The Man

Canterbury psych-pop band Tokyo Tea Room release new single “Half The Man”, inspired by what could have been.

Dreamy synths, hypnotic guitar and drifting vocals form the basis of a sound unique only to Tokyo Tea Room, a Canterbury band who may just be on track conquer the world – that is, when we’re let out of our houses again.

“Half The Man” is a contemplative ode to the little voice inside your head that wonders what might have been, if only your life had taken a different path. Daniel Elliot of guitar, synth and vocals questions whether he is “only half complete as a result”, but he also recognises that choosing this path made him who he is today. The atmosphere the band build around the subject matter is suitably mystical, with crashing cymbals and synths swirling around vocals that are punctuated with hesitance and introspection.

The five-piece’s new single follows up on the success of their 2019 EP Dream Room, which received support from BBC Radio 1, Radio 6 and just about any good music curator out there. “Half The Man” is an elegant continuation of their psych-pop catalog of really, seriously catchy songs, featuring some development of their sound, yet maintaining their unmistakable authenticity.

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