NEW MUSIC: Hermosa Pier – Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind

It is the same story over again – the bandmates meet at university; after some time, the group starts performing without any real future plans. Suddenly, the foursome is one of the most exciting female-fronted pop groups in the West Midlands. May I introduce Hermosa Pier.

Only a couple of years in the making, Holly Coles (vocals), Kate Leech (bass), Dom Hawthorn (guitar) and Tom Findlay (drums) are becoming more prominent on the UK indie scene. Described as “an amazing group with potential chart-toppers’ by BBC Music’s Andrew Marston, Hermosa Pier is on the cusp of greatness. The latest release from these talented musicians is the five-track EP Words To Myself featuring ‘Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind’ as the opening single.

Inspired greatly by 70s and 80s artists, the Hermosa sound is similar to Janis Joplin, Carol King and Eva Cassidy. Holly Coles’ vocals are as smooth as Eva Cassidy, but with a modern twist of Joplin’s 1971 rock-influenced Pearl era. As adorable as Coles is, it is the fusion with Leech’s bass, Hawthorn’s guitar and Findlay’s drums that make ‘Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind’ captivating. The easy-listening element is combined with rock and blues influence enhancing the harmony between effortless vocals and instrumentation.



Smooth and comforting, despite the track being about heartache, ‘Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind’ is a single to be on repeat on any playlist. What I find intriguing is the placement of ‘Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind’ on Words To Myself. As the opener, it introduces the listener to the Hermosa Pier’s soulful side with rock undertones. I recommend listening to the EP as it illustrates the band’s diversity ranging from pop and blues to indie-rock. I agree completely Andrew Marston and cannot wait to see what this young band has planned.

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