In Conversation with Luna Keller

Singer-songwriter Luna Keller grew up listening to different types of music and singing along to songs without understanding them. What she did know is that music induces emotions and you can tell stories with songs. We had a quick chat to the Tenerife-based songstress discussing her new single ‘Midnight Queen’ and long-distance collaborations.

You recently released a single called ‘Midnight Queen’. What can you tell us about the concept?

The idea for ‘Midnight Queen’ started with this character that is broken-hearted, empty and fills that emptiness with breaking hearts herself. Every night she seduces someone else and leaves before the morning. I wrote the chorus around that concept. When Eric joined the writing process he added another perspective to the story showing her ‘victims’ side too.

Does the track have any personal significance?

Even though the ‘Midnight Queen’ isn’t based on anyone I know and I can’t identify with her personally, the song does take me on a deeply emotional journey through empathy. She’s a character that feels lonely. She’s putting up a facade and feels unloved. It’s a very sad story, and both as a songwriter and a human being, I definitely connect with her through those emotions.

I read that ‘Midnight Queen’ is a collaboration between you and UK-based singer-songwriter Eric Bay AND without leaving your home. What is it like to collaborate with a person living in another country?

Honestly, it’s really awesome. Being able to write songs with this amazing songwriter you’ve never met with literally an ocean between us – long live technology! We got along really well and we had a great communication when it came to songwriting. When I sent him the chorus, he came back with the verses, and we kept adding to each other’s ideas until we created something none of us would have come up with on their own.



How do you think musicians can benefit from long-distance collaborations?

Being able to connect with other musicians all over the world allows you to choose people you love working with that you otherwise never would have met. I live on an island with a rather small music scene in my genre. Working internationally has allowed me to make the music I love, grow as a songwriter and connect with wonderful people. I mean, ‘Midnight Queen’ was written and sung in Tenerife and the UK. The piano was recorded by Eric and we added the rest of the arrangement apart from the cello played by the wonderful Yoed Nir in the USA, and it was mixed and mastered in Germany – I think that’s pretty cool.

Is this something you’d be willing to do again?

Definitely! I’m actually working on a song with a great musician from New York right now, but no spoilers here. Even though ‘Midnight Queen’ was my first songwriting collaboration, I’ve always worked together with wonderful international musicians to arrange my songs, such as Dave Mette (Germany), Ralf Erkel (Germany) and Bruce White (UK). All my songs are mixed by Uli Pfannmüller in Germany. Thanks to technology artists now have access to the whole world and that comes with huge creative freedom.

Talking about collaborations, who would you love to worth with?

Oh, this is a hard one. Coldplay? Just kidding, although I definitely wouldn’t say no to them. Of course, I’d love to write a song with one of the big artists I look up to, people like Laura Marling, Jack Savoretti, James Blunt…the list goes on.  Realistically, there are so many wonderful indie artists I know and I’d love to write with. You never know what will happen, I just know that writing with people is awesome and I want to keep doing it.

You released a lyric video for ‘Midnight Queen’. What was the reason for making a lyric video?

The reason for making a lyric video is mostly to have the song and lyrics on YouTube so it doesn’t get lost on that platform. The reason for making this specific lyric video was kind of shutdown due to the coronavirus. I had planned on doing the video differently, but suddenly all I could use was my garden, my mum’s wedding shoes, the one dress I never got to wear and myself. So, when it rained I took the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and barefoot into the cold. The result is this lovely and very indie black and white lyric video.

Who inspires your sound?

This one is hard for me to answer. I just go where the songwriting takes me and the arrangements are influenced by my father and the rest of the musicians I work with. I guess, subconsciously, bands like The Lumineers, Coldplay and Mumford and Sons have definitely had a great influence on my approach to music.

How would you describe your music to a new fan?

I make honest and emotional indie-folk/pop music. My music will take you on a journey through stories and feelings that come from an authentic place. I like to think we can all connect through our thoughts and emotions when we share them; this is me sharing mine with you. Are you ready to dive in?

Do you have a message for our readers?

If you are reading this that means you take the time to discover and support indie artists so thank you! We live in weird times and there’s a lot going on so I feel like it’s even more important to be kind and there for each other. My message to you is that you’re wonderful, you’re doing your best and you can fulfil your dreams. Don’t let the news drag you down because even if the world is going through hard times we are not alone. You rock!

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