NEW MUSIC: Josh Righton – Dance Songs For Awkward Parties

Hailing from London, Josh Righton is one of those people who truly understand the concept of social awkwardness.  His latest EP Dance Songs For Awkward Parties, released in November 2019, discusses the physical and emotional discomfort of being the odd person in the back of the dance hall.  Combining different genres ranging from folk-punk to indie-rock, the eight-track EP is one release to which all awkward people can relate. Let’s be honest, there seem to be a lot more of people meeting this stereotype nowadays. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but it results in some great music.

If Frank Turner and The Undertones had a lovechild who was adopted by Dave Hause, Josh Righton would be it. The title track from Dance Songs For Awkward Parties dips into the core of social awkwardness and its effect on society. Oddly enough, this is not the opening track but is still cleverly placed near the top of the list after ‘Smoking Kills’ – a track paying attention to a person’s need for immediate gratification outweighing the long-term consequences.



One element I thoroughly enjoy in Dance Songs For Awkward Parties is the clear and smooth transition from one genre to the next. Careful placement of songs allows the listener to go on a journey from folk to indie-pop and indie-rock.  For some reason, the traditional punk lyric style reminds me greatly of The Clash, but with a Bob The Builder undertone.  Yes, Bob The Builder – I don’t know why but it’s there.

After having Dance Songs For Awkward Parties on repeat for about an hour, I have a pretty great understanding of Righton’s views on social awkwardness.  The versatility of this artist is one of his greatest skills and shows a competence to please different audiences.  I eagerly recommend Dance Songs For Awkward Parties if you’re looking for something amusing with a slight nuance to Bob The Builder.

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