NEW MUSIC: All The President’s Men – Don’t You Give Up On Us Now

Paul Betts, Janos Muranyi and Jim McCallister came together in 2016 to form All The President’s Men. Coming from London, their music is reminiscent of another London band, The Police. Their addictive retro music has been keeping fans hooked since their debut album New to the Neighbourhood dropped in 2018. Now, we have the first single from the follow-up and it is everything you might have been expecting.

‘Don’t You Give Up On Us Now’ is the first single from the new album No Division. It continues to carry the retro pulse of London in the 80s. The funky introduction with clear drums and horns is a throw-back that has your head bopping. It is also the perfect leadup to Betts’ clear and smooth vocals. Throughout the song, the mixture of classic melodic grooves and jazzy chords keeps you listening.



While reminiscent of Sting and The Police, ‘Don’t You Give Up On Is Now’ does not sound like a cover or tribute. The trio is able to draw on the sounds of new wave and infuse it with some funk while still making it feel modern. The result is a single that you can’t stop listening to.

‘Don’t You Give Up On Us Now’ does remind you of Sting and The Police, but the inclusion of jazz and funk place it solely in the domain of All The President’s Men. It is a strong single that easily highlights everything great about this band.

Find out more about All The President’s Men on their website, Spotify, Facebook and Tumblr.

3 responses to “NEW MUSIC: All The President’s Men – Don’t You Give Up On Us Now”

  1. Amazing performance! Been waiting for quality music like this since forever. Who are these guys? Must be some kind of conspiracy to keep them a national secret.

  2. I first saw them play live in an East Dulwich venue and I bought 2 of their first CD! Paul & Jim at the front are pure harmonic, pop charisma. The melodic bass lines coming from Jim’s Fender Jazz is deffo my thang! He’s reeeeal good! Paul’s Vox is pretty damn special too – just a shame the comparison to a tantric guhzillionaire is necessary….
    Sorry drummer, I’m afraid I’ve taken your job for granted! Keep it up tho!!
    Great record. Great guys. Deserving of more fans than me!

  3. Juan Manuel frutos avatar
    Juan Manuel frutos

    Soy un fan de esta banda …me encanta… Grandes músicos.

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