In Conversation with Georgia Lee

North East-based soulful singer Georgia Lee has just released her second single ‘Why Cry?’  Talking some time to chat, here is what Georgia had to say about the new track, where she wants to be in five years, and which artists influence her sound.


Why did you want to become a musician?

I’ve always been obsessed with music and everything that comes along with it. After years of dancing to it, I realised that as much as I loved that I’d be a whole lot happier being the one making it!


Which artists influence your sound?

I usually get comments saying that my sound can give off Amy Winehouse or Gaga vibes and that would be spot on for my inspiration! I adore RnB and old soul sounds, so that’s likely been subconsciously added into the works.


Who inspires you on a personal and professional level?

On a personal level, it’s the people around me! Can’t get any closer than home. I know a lot of really amazing people who have done well for themselves who are strong, self-aware and kind – all the things I admire. On a professional level, I would say, David Bowie and Cher, both such unstoppable characters with open minds that are not afraid of creative self-invention! It’s really cool and brilliantly authentic.




‘Why Cry?’ is your latest single. What can you tell us about it?

I wrote ‘Why Cry?’ quite a while back at a time where I was feeling a bit fed up, and I found it again in my room earlier this year and it spoke to me all over again. Although it really doesn’t seem like it, I’d say it’s actually a happy song about confidently feeling the way you feel with no guilt, ready to move on from all the mad things we do to try and distract us from facing our own emotions.


What was the recording process like?

Fun, as always! It was great working at Blast Recording Studios with Olly Cobb again. This session was laid back and chill in comparison to the recording process for ‘Focus’! Cups of tea, a piano and some vocal was all we really needed.


What is your creative process like?

I don’t force myself to write because I end up not happy with the final product and it doesn’t have the heart in it that I want. I always sing throughout the day and most days I will come up with a hook or a melody, record it on my phone and then the minute I get home I sit at my piano and develop it.


Do you think there is a difference between your debut ‘Focus’ and ‘Why Cry?’. If yes, what is it?

Definitely! ‘Focus’ has a more moody, jazzy vibe with a full band ahead, whereas ‘Why Cry?’ has a more emotional feel as a raw and stripped back ballad. I like changing things up as much as possible. I am ready to release something a lot more upbeat and fun next.


Which song do you prefer ‘Focus’ or ‘Why Cry?’ and why do you prefer it?

I put my all into both songs, but I’ll always favour ‘Focus’. It was the first song I ever released and the whole process from start to finish was all brand new and exciting. It took a whole lotta blood, sweat and tears and I won’t forget that.


How would you describe your music?

Soulful, emotive, dynamic and proud. Everything I write has some sort of personal side to it and so if you’re looking for something to belt to in the shower or something to relate to on a different level, then check my tunes out!


What do you want people to take away from the single?

Anything they want to! Everyone is open to interpret it in their own way, that’s what it’s all about. For me, it’s to own what you are and how you feel. Don’t be afraid to face the music when you have to, otherwise, you’ll end up causing more damage than needed.


What are your plans for the rest of 2020? Any new material in the works?

I’ve got a whole load of material bundled up by my piano, it’s just the case of picking which ones seem the best fit for the next release! I’m hoping to get a few session folks together to release an EP. That’ll likely be the end of 2020 now.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I wish I had a cocky answer for this, but I have no idea!! I’ve just graduated from university, so there’s a whole world of opportunity to look into. All I know is that I’ll be releasing music still and career-wise, I’m hoping by then that I’ll have sung in places beyond the UK!
Do you have any message for your fans and potential fans?
Well, we’re all currently in lockdown and it’s a really weird time at the moment, so honestly just take care. Also, if anyone is feeling alone and wants to chat about anything from music to general life then I’m only a quick DM away! I appreciate your support massively as I always do and I’ll be seeing everyone again soon, so we can head out to the stage and boogie like we used to!

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