NEW MUSIC: Thrillhouse – Lesser

Brighton’s finest indie-rock three-piece Thrillhouse release uplifting second single “Lesser”, a song for our daily struggles.

Thrillhouse are a shining beacon in the murky waters of indie-rock – with so many bands to choose from, it’s often a battle to settle on one whose efforts you really want to pursue. This trio transcend their given genre altogether, defining a brand new sound and making it look easy in the process.

“Lesser” is the second single from Thrillhouse, capturing as many ears as their first single “One Of These Days”, which was met with adoration of Radio X and KEXP DJs alike. I expect their new release will see the band’s popularity continue to grow with the Tame Impala crowd especially, picking up a few new fans whichever corner of the world it hits. “Lesser” has a Midas touch, I’m sure of it.

Perhaps it’s the suspense-fuelled driving beats, the intermittent chiming of an electric guitar or the smooth, warm synths that capture the imagination so. These elements provide the basis for wistful lyricism and conversational vocal delivery – easy to listen to, but you must listen properly. The listener is required to give their full, undivided attention to the story of a songwriter’s ups and downs. We feel uplifted and weightless, yet grounded by the song’s message.

A runaway synth-solo (that I’m told is inspired by the likes of Talking Heads’ live performances) makes for a brilliant, fun-filled way to end the “Lesser” journey, one that is reminiscent of hot, dusty festival weekends and frolics with friends. Be sure to follow Thrillhouse for updates on forthcoming music – you shan’t regret it.

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