NEW MUSIC: The Curious – My Only

London indie-rock four-piece The Curious release their third track of the year, “My Only“, detailing the life and times of confused and mistrustful youth.

“My Only” is a beautifully danceable jam despite the melancholy undertones of its subject matter. The band describe this as a song of uncertainty about “a girl who lives in a society where she feels like she’s consistently being lied to from all angles, except from the person she feels closest to.” This story is cleverly brought to life with rumbling bass tones and excitable synthesiser sounds (harking back to some of the best 80s pop tunes), and paired with heavy, punchy guitars, making for a perfect runaway’s soundtrack.

The Curious are no strangers to the industry – they have been active since 2014, Dom (vocals) and Sam (drums) founding the band before introducing Alexander on Bass. Since these early days, the guys picked up Jay on guitar, and never looked back since, occupying their summers playing notable festivals such as BST Hyde Park and Camp Bestival.

This brand new single is the result of much hard work and time spent writing and recording, with “My Only” being the third single of a string of 2020 releases. It sounds very much as though the band have perfected their sophisticated new sound (it’s sure to become a trendsetter), and now they’re ready to show the world what they’ve been working on since 2018.

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