NEW MUSIC: Goldenbloom – (Great) Britain

Post-Punk Londoners Goldenboom release new single “(Great) Britain”, an ode to our disappointed nation and anthem for the jaded.

There comes a time in anyone’s self-isolation that you just need a good, solid punk song to mirror your disappointment of what it is to be British. The cat’s just knocked your brew off the desk, your brother’s sat in front of the telly all day (on his fifth Stella) and your mum’s just ill-advisedly brought home one too many packs of loo roll from ASDA, but this song is as good a reason as any to belt out all your frustrations.

The artwork for “(Great) Britain” is wonderful visual carnage – Greggs sausage rolls and baked beans spilt on the carpet is a sorry sight – but this track is the very antithesis of such disorganised dismay. “(Great) Britain” is a well-put-together assessment of modern British values. Who spilt the beans? BoJo. What’s that empty, leaky lager can gathering dust over there? Oh yes, the monarchy.

Loud guitars and thrashing cymbals are the embodiment of Goldenbloom’s influences of punk past, of their discontented, riotous, mohawk-headed ancestors, but with their 21st century subject matter relevant to us all, you might hear them likened to present-day punk peers IDLES. However, Goldenbloom bring something bright, shiny and new to the table, mocking the cluelessness and gullibility of our post-Brexit Britain in their must-hear new single.

One listen and you’ll have found a way to redirect your anger towards the flag-flapping Farages of your life, I promise.

You can find Goldenbloom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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