Tampa trio WD-HAN bring us their second single of 2020, a bluesy rock anthem to get you grinning at life’s little disappointments.

“Bad” is, from the first riff, an undeniably good song. A crunchy guitar wearing a studded leather jacket grabs you by the lapels and demands your attention (and probably your lunch money) with its dastardly cronies – a sturdy backbeat and heavy bass – standing menacingly behind it.

The band write of the song that rejection doesn’t have to be about regret – instead of wallowing in your disappointment, we can play this song, enjoy a moment of amusement, and move on. Upon hearing the first line of the chorus, I surely felt this moment of amusement. The singability of to-the-point, witty (yet somewhat heartbreaking) lyrics are reminiscent of the UK’s favourite festival chant-along banger “Mr. Brightside”, with all the grit of one of Royal Blood’s earlier works.

I find myself surprised that “Bad” has come out of Florida – not that geographical location makes any difference as to whether music is ‘good’ or not – but something about this single sounds almost intrinsically Brightonian. WD-HAN have captured the ‘fun’ of rock n’ roll, combined it with a passion for the blues and the result is a song that the reader should play very loudly, and multiple times over.

Should WD-HAN catch your ear, please show your support by dropping them a follow or a like on their social media (listed below). “Bad” is a must-listen. Consider yourselves implored!

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