Friday’s Finest – Featuring: Denio, The Snuts, Lacuna Common & Tiny Fighter

This week’s Fridays Finest between us, It’s All Indie, Nexus Music Blog and Indie Central Music pays homage to releases from four bands. 

Dan from Turtle Tempo’s pick: DENIO – There, I Said It

Liverpool boasts a great historic indie music scene and DENIO can be added to that list. The quartet have just released ‘There, I Said It’, signalling an evolution of their sound after a year full of writing a tonne of new material, I guess you could say the band are ‘born again’.

DENIO confess that their new single is about being young and confused about generally everything going on around them.

Fred from It’s All Indie’s pick: The Snuts – Fatboy Slim

With the announcement of their “Mixtape EP” Scotland’s latest indie juggernaut export, The Snuts this week revealed their trippy video for their new single “Fatboy Slim”, which is classic indie rock mixed in with the swag those Glaswegian lads have.

The video pays homage to Fatboy Slim’s massive gig on Brighton beach, the clip was directed by the award-winning filmmaker Cassidy Burcher. Be sure to stream the song once you’ve checked the video out and be sure to pre-order their EP, I feel like it’s going to be massive.

Alex from Indie Central Music’s pick: Lacuna Common – Learn To Feel

Photo credit: Jamie MacMillan Photos

Learn To Feel Oxford quartet Lacuna Common unleashed a new single ‘Learn To Feel’ at the end of last month and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Comprised of Alfie Franks (vocals/guitar), Gabriel Blythe (drums), Thomas Eveleigh (bass/vocals) and James Evans (keys) their bristly and distorted punk-rock numbers are creating a righteous racket which has caught the eye of NME, DIY and Clash. ‘Learn To Feel’ shares the band’s experiences with toxic masculinity as frontman Alfie explains.

“It’s a song about seeing the men around our hometown feel like they need to compete with each other to be this ‘alpha male’ character. “It’s a pack mentality and a poison and it frustrates me. I don’t really like to write quote-unquote ‘political’ songs, but I felt like I needed to put this sentiment across. “We’re not ‘the political band or ‘the band that doesn’t want to be the political band’ – there’s enough of both knocking around at the moment. We just write about what’s in front of us, good or bad.”

Michael from Nexus Music Blog’s pick: Tiny Fighter – Strangest Thing

photo credit: Marcos Engman

Based in Stockholm, Tiny Fighter was formed after members Tim Spelman and Therese Karlsson met in Stockholm in 2017 and began collaborating, offering an enticing mix of indie-rock and berserker chamber pop.

The indie pop outfit present their new single ‘Strangest Thing’, the first taste of their debut album ‘Going Home’, to be released in spring via American label Bay Terrace Records

The new single is catchy and incredibly well put together. With a consciousness embedded in both the lyrics and production. The package is a complete one, and Tiny Fighter can be sure to look forward to future successes if ‘Strangest Thing’ is anything to go by! Of the single, Therese Karlsson says: “Strangest Thing is a song about the propensity to excuse or downplay toxic behaviour within a relationship.

What may seem to others on the outside to be irrational or unacceptable can be sometimes difficult to acknowledge or challenge when in the heat of a relationship with another person. This song is about those two competing perspectives.”

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