Interview: Simple Fiction

With their first release of the year, Simple Fiction more than prove that they’re a band that need to be firmly on your radar. Their music is excitingly anthemic while still being ravishingly resonant and extremely affecting. We sat down with James and Carlos from Simple Fiction to explore their new single ‘GREY’, the band’s future & more!

You’ve just dropped your brand new single ‘GREY’, what led you to pen the track?

James: Grey was inspired by all of the fruition and exhaustion that builds up when you get caught in a tiring routine. The song came together really quickly too, I think it was quite therapeutic for me to vent my concerns in a constructive way. The subject matter is something a lot of people can relate to at the minute, which is why we we wanted to get out there as soon as we could

‘Enough’ was the first track you ever released, how have you evolved as a band since then?

Carlos: It is crazy how much we have progressed as a band in just a couple of years since we released Enough. I guess when we did that song we were still trying to find who we were! We had just met at uni and started playing songs in a rehearsal room. Everything has evolved – the way we look, the music we all listen to, the way we perform, the way we release music… but the main thing that has really stepped up is our sound. We have finally found a palette of sounds we love working with, and that is such a happy place to be in as a band.

With ‘GREY’ especially you don’t shy away from grappling with real-life problems that we all, to some degree, face. How’s your typical songwriting process?

James: The band’s songwriting process is pretty straight forward actually! I usually record rough versions of songs by myself and once I’m happy with the direction they’re heading in, I will send it to the band and we go through and develop it together. The process with each song is always a little different but it usually follows a similar structure, I prefer to write the lyrics on my own as I find it easier to write about personal things that way.

Your track ‘Feel’ is fantastic. How did you come up with the track’s overarching theme?

James: The theme for FEEL is actually similar to GREY, just from a different perspective I think. I remember basing the lyrical content on experiencing London rush hour for the first time after going to uni. I was just watching all of these really miserable commuters rush around and pack themselves into trains. So the lyrics have more of an external perspective on city life and work, whereas GREY was written after I ended up in the same environment I was trying to avoid in FEEL.

What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions people have about being in a band?

Carlos: The biggest misconception is that everything is going to be done for you and that you don’t need to do anything else but play your guitar. So many young bands sit down in their rooms waiting for stuff to happen, and that’s just not the way it works anymore. We don’t really believe in talent or luck that much – the most important thing you need is hard work, and it’s surprising how many people overlook that. All the most successful friend bands we have, happen to always be the most hard working ones too!

People from New York, Mexico City and Sao Paulo are listening to your music. How does it feel to know your music is already gaining traction around the world?

Carlos: It feels unreal! There was even this guy from South America who did a Spanish lyric video for one of our songs. We are only used to see that stuff happening to massive bands we admire, so for it to be happening to us (on a smaller scale, obviously), means the world. Also, we are so grateful to those people who have supported us from the start, sharing our music and adding our tracks to their Spotify playlists or to their Facebook feeds. It really makes us think about how global everything is now and how with just a few clicks, you can discover amazing music from all over the world. That’s, in my opinion, the best thing about the internet.

Finally, what’s next for you as a band?

Carlos: We are in a very exciting moment as a band. We have just released GREY with the support of Yada Yada Records, which is our first label experience and it has been a dream come true so far really. So, in the coming months, we will be definitely releasing more music and we have some crazy gig plans that we can’t wait to share with everyone!


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