TRACK REVIEW: ‘Never Know’ by Modern Native

Having previously released under the name ‘DOM’, songwriter and producer Dom Scialo is back with a new single and a brand-new name. Now branded as Modern Native, the London based singer has released ‘Never Know’, a melody of the familiar riffs and beats of 80’s indie pop and drawing on the catchy lyrics that we remember from the previous singles.

Effortlessly juxtaposing and drawing on inspiration from the 1980’s such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson and beautifully entwining it with modern influence such as Fickle Friends and The 1975, the track just feels perfect. It simultaneously has the power to make you get up and move alongside the thought-provoking lyrics which attempt to unravel the feelings of inadequacy within your journey. Dom accompanied the song by explaining that it was: 

‘originally written out of frustration towards lack of progression. Be that professionally, romantically, creatively or otherwise, frustration is something everyone deals with in
 their lives and in varying forms of severity. ‘Never Know’ was my way of coping with this frustration and also reminds me anyone can overcome their frustrations with hard work and a lot of determination.”

And we don’t know about you but despite the sad reality of the lyrics, this song makes us feel like we can do anything. 

The emotionally rich lyrics of ‘Never Know’ piece together the feelings of frustration that many of us face on a daily basis, it draws on ideas of not feeling good enough and not knowing exactly what it is that we want or what it is that we want to achieve. It’s a beautiful, endlessly-playable, and most of all – it’s flawless. It’s intertwining synthetic, complex instrumental track plays perfectly alongside the poetic and dynamic vocals which forms what is, afterall – an incredible single. 

Having accumulated over 100k streams in 8 months, it is clear to see that Dom’s music has something special and we’re all incredibly excited to see what Modern Native has to come.  The single ‘Never Know’ is set for release on 30th January via Spotify. 

To follow Modern Native’s journey, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. 

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