NEW MUSIC: ‘Clueless’ by The Marías

Honesty is the best policy, or so they say- and honesty doesn’t come in a better form than the sultry new offering from LA five-piece The Marías. Their latest release since their EP ‘Superclean Vol. 1’ is oozing with psychedelic-soul, twinkling piano keys and gauzy bass guitar interludes.

The tracks opening and most memorable line ‘you are telling me I can’t take this shit no more, baby. How does it feel every time I let you down?’ sung by front women Maria, highlights the struggles of any relationship. After all its hard trying to keep it altogether, the daily struggles of living can take its toll and stretch any loving relationship to its breaking point. The track hints towards a spat between Maria and drummer Josh. The track was born from the depths of frustration and was the antidote that was needed to calm all tensions.

‘Clueless’ is not one to shy away from funky grooves. Cosmic instrumentalism makes way for a deep and steady drumbeat, as woozy vocals envelopes a provocative soundscape. ‘Clueless’ the latest release off of The Marías upcoming EP ‘Superclean Vol.2’ is a pleasurable listen. Its instrumental breakdown, two minutes thirty seconds in, truly captures the overall mood of the track. Groovy instrumentals provide a sensuous quality. It’s the alluring melodies that gloss over the original argument at hand, soothing those original tensions and angers.

The Marías head out on tour until the end of the year, so if you’re lucky enough to live stateside then they’re a must to check out live. We’re pretty sure that ‘Clueless’ will be an absolute treat.

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