NEW MUSIC: ‘Panorama’ by Plums

New York based quartet Plums latest single ‘Panorama’ is a bright, guitar riffed, indie eruption, full of colour and commotion. With nods towards psychedelic surf and indie-rock, ‘Panorama’ packs a punch.

Perfect for those sunny cruises along Sunset Boulevard or those costal towns of the British Isles. Plums latest track ‘Panorama’ is absolutely balmy and full of joy. Its infectious heavy guitar riffs and jangling percussion will leave a euphoric ringing in ones ear after the very first listen. Its something similar to the constant hum felt at three in the morning after you’ve left the heavy bass behind at the club, but with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, not drunken regret.

With ‘Panorama’ being the introductory track taken of Plums latest EP release ‘EP 02’ there’s plenty more where the eruption of kooky melodies and indie infused instrumentals came from.

‘Panorama’ is a right old crowd pleaser. Its not only the most outrageously colourful release around at the moment, it holds a hip-baseline that will have you grooving in no time. If you’re ever feeling down in the dumps and need a little pick me up, something that’s totally legal and doesn’t get you completely off your face, then ‘Panorama’ is the perfect euphoric drug that will leave you stoned with happiness.

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