NEW MUSIC: “99” by Barns Courtney

After the success of his debut album ‘The Attractions of Youth’, Barns Courtney has been keeping things quiet on the music front but followers of his social media will have seen him hinting that new music is on its way, and finally that day has arrived!

Along with announcing a UK tour, Barns Courtney has released a brand new feel-good single – “99”.

Speaking about his new single, and the music that is yet to come Barns has said, “… I get to do what I love every day. Life is different now and I’m happy. So this new album is different to the first.”

Having been signed and then dropped at a young age, Barns Courtney’s first album features a running theme of someone who has been knocked down, someone who is struggling but also someone who is not willing to give up the fight, (this particularly can be heard in the song Champion).

Now signed to Virgin Records and with one album under his belt, new single “99” is Barns Courtney reminiscing on his life in ‘1999’. It’s a happy and upbeat track that cleverly reminds the listener of the hardship that he went through. Singing of his youth, and the dreams he had, Barns brings it back to reality with the line, “Now those days are over, and we are all ghosts.”

The song mixes in the indie-rock genre with a touch of country music, making you feel warm and content, and also making you want to dance and annoy your neighbours by playing it on repeat.

Ending in the singer listing out classic nineties phrases and games, (Voodoo economics anyone?), this song will pull on the heartstrings of those 80s and 90s babies, who listening will be able to reminisce along with Barns.

Catch Barns Courtney on tour now: here.

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