NEW MUSIC: ‘Wonder’ by Old Swing

Old Swing return with only their second single since the band’s formation in 2016. This is a record for synth geeks, as the song features some old favourites. On the surface ‘Wonder’ is a typical pop song with its verse-chorus structure, while singer Lewis Goswell nostalgically wonders about an old flame; it’s up to you to decide whether his words are based on a true experience or not.

There is a shift in focus between this single and the band’s debut ‘Time’, which is an indie-guitar track with lashings of synth. The common ground lies in Goswell’s mature vocal style and straight-talking lyrics.

‘Wonder’ is one of those songs that all of us can relate to. It’s not a doom and gloom break-up song, but the heartache is present. However, the synths breathe positivity through the song, making it clear that life goes on regardless. It’s a fine song, one of those little treasures we love to discover every now and again.

Old Swing headline Notting Hill Arts Club on Saturday 20th October as part of our ongoing monthly Turtle Tempo nights, with support from Leeds-based Heir.

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