EP REVIEW: ‘Waiting On The Weekend’ by Dutch Criminal Record

Chichester indie band Dutch Criminal Record release their latest EP, Waiting On The Weekend, today. As you’d expect from four twenty-somethings who have been friends since school, the band writes upbeat songs with a sunny disposition.

The six-song EP begins with the title track – an upbeat indie-pop song reminiscent of bands like Two Door Cinema Club. Lyrically, it’s all too familiar and we’re left wondering whether the band are following a tried and tested blueprint. It’s not a bad song, just not the most original song on the EP. In fact, there’s nothing overly original about any of the songs except for ‘Waiting On Monday Morning’, which rounds the EP off nicely.

This might seem like harsh criticism, but Dutch Criminal Record have got serious potential. Their songs are tight and well-structured, and the fact that three of the band share vocal duties proves there is diversity within the ranks. But if they want to climb out from indie’s overpopulated primordial soup then they need to write songs that break away from the said blueprint.

However, if you love catchy, infectious guitar riffs, and many of you will, then there is plenty of those to get your chops around. And because the songs are well-written and easy on the ear Waiting On The Weekend will make my holiday playlist.

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