NEW MUSIC: ‘Open Up’ by The World Of Birds

Grey filled skies cover the city as we escape weeks of excruciating heat here in London, and although temperatures of thirty degrees may have slipped away for now, the tropical sounds of South Africa’s The World Of Birds debut release, ‘Open Up’ roars from my speakers.

With the track having been composed on a beach in Mozambique, it’s hard not to let this impeccably catchy anthem draw you in. Its relaxed guitar rhythms and silky smooth vocals make a very relaxed listen.

Despite being surrounded by a concrete metropolis, the instant thought of emerald seas and golden sandy beaches fills my thoughts. I don’t know if that’s down to the jangling percussion that’s slapped onto this record or the ethereal sea soundscapes that are intertwined within its tight-knit production. Whichever it is, ‘Open Up’ is an utter delight.

The track takes a relaxed stance on simply opening up to things, whether big or small. We are all guilty of dwelling on a fair few things, becoming hermit crabs, letting our darkest worries sink within the depths of one’s shell, the hard exterior masking what truly lies beneath – but gone are those days.

The overall flow is relaxing and pleasantly welcoming, after one listen we can’t guarantee that you won’t be spluttering out all your biggest secrets and worries. It’s vibrant guitar interludes and joyful piano instrumentals are uplifting and will have you feeling relaxed, and feeling free from all your worries in a flash.

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