NEW MUSIC: ‘BB Song’ by Blonder

There’s something pretty familiar about New York native, Blonder and his latest release ‘BB Song’. Memorable guitar hooks and hypnotising lyricism ooze from its very existence. BB Song is the first teaser into new music from the captivating musical master that is Blonder. Having been pretty quiet since his debut EP release ‘$5’ back in 2017, its nice to have him back and quite frankly we welcome him back with open arms.

‘I don’t call you anymore’ is the opening line to latest release ‘BB Song’, Its a personal realization, one that we can all pretty much relate to, whether it be an ex we haven’t spoken to in years, since the relationship turned sour or a childhood best friend that we haven’t been in touch with for quite some time, due to naturally drifting apart. Whichever it is ‘BB Song’s’ highly relatable subject matter tackles a theme that we will all pretty much stumble upon at some point in life.

After some hazy vocals and seductive guitar melodies a steady drum beat leads the track as another verse comes to a close, making way for a captivating chorus. Static guitar instrumentals bring a frustrating nature to the tracks main theme whilst provocative lyrics provide the right about of animosity, against things not necessarily working out for Blonder.

With this being Blonder’s first release in quite some time, we can only hope that it will be the first of many for 2018.

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