FESTIVAL REVIEW: 110 Above 2018

With an already high expectation, having attended last year’s dreamy festival on a farm, hopes were high for the weekend to come. Was it really possible to absolutely blow last years experience out of the water and end up well and truly shocked that it couldn’t possibly be better than it already exceeded? Well 110, you proved me wronger than I ever thought.

Once again, nothing but monumental amounts of credit and props to the organisers of this year’s festival, as it lived up to its expectations and more. If you are looking for a festival closer to a farm with music, amazing weather, relaxed vibes and an overall whimsical experience rather than a rowdy, mud-covered, booze-filled ruckus, then this is the place you are looking for.

From the very well organised lineup, to the variety of food stalls, featuring the famous chicken, halloumi and sweet chilli jam wrap (that I waited a whole year for), camel and crocodile burgers and even a Thai curry that is suitable for vegans and veggies; the festival catered to the young, the old and even the infamous beekeeper that decided to be the pinnacle of this year’s festival.

110 Above could also be enjoyed by the people who aren’t about going mad at a stage but also for the people who wanted to spend a day making memories with a picturesque view with family and friends.

With The Meadow providing tribal drumming sessions, activities and games for the children (and even the adults!) to participate in. All the while, The Meadow had the famous tractor and wooden teepees to relax on or under and even snatch some Instagram-worthy pictures.

The Meadow also offered a vintage boutique, in a case where you may have lost your clothes or just fancied bagging yourself some new fabric to flaunt around the festival. Also a little thanks to the First Aid Tent who helped us festival-goers when we may have overdone it, or in my case, when my back had seen better days after deciding to pitch my tent on a rock!

With your most famous acts participating this year such as Peace, hot off releasing a new album and delivering the performance of the weekend to end such a transient experience. To the smaller acts that nobody may have heard of before, but still drew up a crowd that enjoyed every minute of it.

Also with festival favourites such as Idle Frets, HAUS and Seafret, who returned again this year with a bigger and better fan base who performed excellent shows to the masses.

Even to our more well-known indie fan base, the likes of Blaenavon, Anteros and Circa Waves showed a real main stage presence and proved to us that they are household names that we will be hearing a lot of in the future.

110 Above unquestionably verified that you don’t need to take out a mortgage for an expensive and large scale festival to have a weekend to remember. And the fact we didn’t even have a trickle of rain also left us with sunburn and tans to take home to make our family and friends that little bit more jealous that they missed out on what was undoubtedly one of the most outstanding, hidden gems that Leicestershire and the festival scene has to offer us.

Big thanks to 110 Above for having Turtle Tempo here once again for another truly outstanding weekend, see you again in 2019!

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