NEW MUSIC: ‘Circus’ by Cocoa Futures

Based amongst the metropolis of London, Cocoa Futures delivers relaxing new single ‘Circus’

Having fallen head over heels for their previous single ‘Sink In The Water’, it became evident that there was something a little special about Cocoa Futures. Their smooth chants and an angelic falsetto sit comfortably amongst indie pop instrumentalism.

Cocoa Futures new offering is a slow burner and we don’t mean that in a bad way at all. The track builds delicately throughout its first verse until it finally reveals a silky rhythm that’s lead splendidly by front man Greg’s vocals.

Cocoa Futures sings ‘to a blue sky’ at lot in this track and whether it be the lyrics that subconsciously have an affect on the imagination or the infectious melodies, ‘Circus’ is the perfect record to leave you mesmerising over summery blue skies as the birds flutter amongst its vastness, not a cloud in sight.

“‘Circus’ is about patience. Patience seems pretty boring, but it’s secretly banging. You know when you really want something but can wait for it? Trying to get better at that is what ‘Circus’ is about.” Greg from Cocoa Futures says, speaking about the track.

Although the tracks an overall lesson into being patient, after this release I’m sure it will leave an easily growing fan base pretty impatient, as they yearn for more velvety music from Cocoa Futures and quite frankly I’m sure the wait will be bloody worth it.

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