NEW MUSIC: ‘Walk On Fire’ by Lightcraft

Lightcraft is a band that writes endearing songs that are free of constraints, and ‘Walk On Fire’ is no exception. Its spacious verses give singer Imam Wisaya Suratarun the opportunity to express his thoughts clearly without being overpowered by instruments. However, the clever use of synths and keys does add texture and atmosphere when the time is right, giving the overall sound balance and harmony.

‘Walk On Fire’ is the first single from the Indonesian band’s album ‘Us Is All,’ which is out now. The lyrical content isn’t unique or anything special, but it’s the way the words and the music interact with one another.

Dealing with death and the realisation that life is short, the music acts as a counterbalance which prevents the song from being melancholic. Instead, it is uplifting, almost a celebration and a warning not to take life for granted.


‘Walk On Fire’ is a fluid song that develops seamlessly over the 4 minutes of its life. Lightcraft appears to be a single life form rather than a band of four people. And the band is ready to move forward into a new chapter and this is the song that best represents that transition.

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